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Our 7 piece ITI (2.5cm) set will have your collection match any outfit with 7 different colours!

Or these are perfect as gifts as each design has a particular meaning behind it.

Please allow 2-10 days for processing and 2-3 days for tracked postage.



Pattern 1: (blue) The pikorua symbolises the joining together of two people or spirits. It is also said to represent life’s eternal paths.


Pattern 2: (red) The pikorua symbol. Joining of 2 people, spirits or cultures.


Pattern 3: (yellow) The koru depicts an unfolding fern frond. It symbolises new beginnings, growth and harmony.


Pattern 4: (purple) The mangopare symbol depicts the hammerhead shark. It symbolises strength, determination, strong will and a fighting spirit.


Pattern 5: (pink) Like the pikorua the triple twist design shows the joining of two people in love or friendship for eternity, so makes a wonderful wedding or friendship gift.


Pattern 6: (orange)Fish hook.Moana. Water. Harmony with the forces of nature.


Pattern 7: The hei matau or fish hook depicts abundance, strength and determination. It is also said to be a good luck charm for those journeying over water.

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